Individualized Professional Development for Physicians

Physicians in all specialties are reporting high levels of burnout and professional and personal stress, leading the list of professions most likely to attempt suicide to escape.  The facade that physicians learn in medical training has begun fracturing as a depletion of resilience takes over.

The signs are familiar:

  • increasing conflicts between colleagues
  • irrational or disruptive behaviours
  • detachment
  • generation of increased patient complaints

Medical Executive Committees are handling increasing numbers of physician stress & burnout cases and look outside of the medical community for help and support of valued members of the medical community.

What is Individualized Professional Development?

  • Intensive one-to-one personalized program delivered by Ph.D.s who specialize in physician wellness.
  • Designed to fit the needs of one physician at a time
  • Addresses specific stressors 
  • Personalized to the individual physician
  • Offered in a relaxed and confidential setting 
  • Program’s length is determined by needs of physician

What can the physician expect from the program?

  • Identification of problematic communication among colleagues and her/his contributions 
  • Individual personality qualities that exacerbate professional stressors
  • Insight into his/her own emotional intelligence
  • Greater personal insight through evidence-based instruments
  • Acquisition of skills for managing oneself and others
  • Pathways for achieving greater personal and professional well being

How does it work?

  • Referral to our program
  • One hour orientation interview
  • Acceptance into program
  • Administration of evidence-based assessments tailored to individual needs
  • From assessment results,  an individualized program is built
  • Physician and Program Director identify length of program,  preferred dates, and location
  • Attendance at program.
  • Notification of completion to whatever agency the physician designates


  • Determined by content and length of individualized program
  • Includes costs for professional assessment instruments administered
  • All travel, lodging and meals paid by physician

How to Register:

  • Contact DocExecutive by phone or email to begin the process.
  • An interview will be scheduled to determine:
    • your specific needs
    • length of time you need
    • preferred dates & location
    • cost
  • Half of the registration fee is due 1 month before the program
  • Half of the registration fee is due before administration of the program